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Where Concept Becomes Reality. Exceptional Imaging at affordable costs. Your Wedding Day may last one day, but your images will last a lifetime — Contact me now regarding current specials Contact Section
Below you will see a small selection of various aspects of my photography work, including wedding photography, further on are some examples of my video work. Also here is my YouTube Channel

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Services But not just weddings!

Based in Clonmel, Tipperary, offering Video and Photographic services. Specialising in Wedding Videography, Portraits, Advertising and Fashion. I am also available for any other special assignments. I have been employed by a number of local organisations to cover their events. Product/Commercial. I have experience in photography for publications, web sites and other specialist requests such as Event Photography/Videography etc.

I limit the number of Wedding bookings taken each year in order to ensure that the maximum possible level of commitment is given to each wedding filmed. I work closely with the Best Man/Brides Maid, officiants and hotel banqueting manger/ wedding coordinator to ensure the couple does not need to be concerned with small details on the day.

For wedding video, two or more professional camcorders are used. This enables much more flexability for editing in post. Filming styles for weddings have moved on since those dodgy, cheesy, scratchy and wobbly wedding videos of the eighties and nineties. Today, films worthy of viewing on High Def television can be produced, with steady inspiring shots produced using the latest imaging technology. I employ both ENG style filming and editing (the events of the wedding flow in a logical order) and more cinematic shorter style of editing.

I also provide services for the following:

Both still and full HD motion Video:

  • Portrait Photography
  • Event Photography/Videography
  • Advertising Photography/Videography
  • Wedding Videography
  • Aerial Photography/Videography
  • Fashion
  • Photo Restoration
  • Web Graphics/Videography
  • Vector Graphics
  • Digitising
  • Logos etc.




The bottom line! When planning your wedding, it's important to think about what you'd like to remember about it say, 20 years from now and consider this as an investment for your children and grandchildern. Think of those precious memories of your wedding day that will be saved for the future for you to look back on.

Prices and costs can vary according to needs and requirements, so in order to get the best value without sacrificing on quality it is recommended that a consultation on prices and requirements for your wedding be made prior to any agreements.

For commercial, event or other services please contact me for a quote. Click below to view a price guide on the most popular wedding packages available. The personal customer service and attention to detail devoted to each movie means I produce a limited number so do please bear that in mind and contact me to check if your date is free.

Anyone ordering a product these days is looking for the best deal they can get, especially in light of the economic situation in Ireland today, I do understand that wedding budgets are smaller than ever before and people are more cost conscious than ever before. Lots of operators charge mileage, I don't unless the location is really a long way off. Also if your wedding is midweek I can offer a reduction for both photography and video. I aim to have very good rates and good value for money. Check out my price list guide below or call today.

Price List here



I first held a camera years and years ago when I was very young and since then was fascinated by photography, that was back in the days of the Box Brownie. The same spark is still there and I cant resist taking up a camera to shoot off a few frames at any given opportunity. I'm from Clonmel and have lived and worked here most of my life.

My Qualifications: I started out on my career as a Commercial Artist in Curran Signs many years ago, I have been involved in painting and art and the creative processes, however my main interest is recording images both stills and motion video – I have been studying photography for the last ten years and have been on a learning path ever since, I like to experiment with different techniques and styles and continue to strive for excellence in this field. I am self taught but bring a wealth of knowledge and experience from my work as a Commercial Artist and Designer. I continue to grow as a photographer and visualise new, fresh and exciting ideas every day.

Before the Event.
Consultation with the Bride and Groom, discussing; pricing, contract, any special arrangements, briefing on sequence of events, lists of shots etc. Usually there will be at least two meetings prior to the wedding. Visit of locations, attendance at rehearsals if being held.
Engagement Shoot if required. Engagement sessions are lots of fun and they're a great way for us to get to know each other, so you feel more relaxed and used to being in front of a camera for your wedding! The last thing you need is someone you dont know showing up on your special day and making you feel uncomfortable.

Video - is a multi camera setup, this is far superior to a single camera shoot, because reactions and emotions can be captured through different angles giving a much improved viewing experience.
I use Sony professional grade HD video camcorders, these are the latest on the market with solid state recording instead of tape which makes for much more efficient recording and editing.

All or any of the following is available:

  • 45 - 60 minute film of your wedding day professionally edited like a TV programme on a fully authored DVD to include titles, chapters, comments from you and your guests if required, your chosen music and rolling credits of all guests' names at the end of the film.
  • Speeches in full in separate chapter.
  • Filmed in full HD.
  • Highlights of the Wedding for Mobile/iPod and Youtube/Viemo etc. for sharing etc.
  • 15 Minute cinematic film of the wedding
  • A copy of the event on DVD or other media as required.

Shooting Style
This will depend on the decisions of the couple after outlining their plan to the photographer. My personal style leans towards Candid Reportage and for video a documentary style.

Now for the small print!! before the event a contract must be signed, after agreement on the service to be delivered, this is important so that everyone clearly understands what has been agreed upon and there should be no doubt as toexpectations etc. The usual payment terms are: A retainer of 50% of the total agreed price prior to the event, balance of payment on or before the day of the wedding. If both services are being availed of a lesser figure for the retainer may be agreed prior to signing the contract. The provision of an Album/Prints etc. can be discussed at any time after the wedding.



You can contact me by e-mail
or by phone 052 61 26798 / 086 371 3009 or use the form below.








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